Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Love Green Tea

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I must confess that just a few years back I was probably more likely to eat a green tea flavoured Kit Kat than enjoy the 2-6 cups of green tea I now drink daily.  Recently I learned a little beauty trick that I'm really enjoying, brew green tea, set in the fridge to store and use as a face toner after washing my skin.  At worse it's a harmless way to wake up my skin at best it will have positive benefits for my rosacea. 


aliceinparis said...

Yum, that kit kat looks great:)

Hi Amy,
I think it is going to be a cute movie:)
You can pick up your pass anytime at
Love, Me Boutique, next to Woozles
1539 Birmingham Street
They open at 11 and are closed on Sunday and Mondays.

That is also the night of a wee "opening" of my paintings there so if you are coming to see the movie, you could pop in from 6-6:30 or anytime between now and tehn to get them,and then head over to the movie which is just a street over:)

See you there:)
Cheers, Shelagh

aliceinparis said...

Amy, I made a mistake:( The movie is on the 29th, Thursday, and the soiree is on the 30th, Friday. Sorry for the mixup.