Monday, December 14, 2009

The Door of Endings and Beginnings

image by Marc Loret.

Winter Solstice is upon us as well as the end of 2010, a decade since Y2K and the excitement mounts for yet another fresh year/decade. It is the time of year when both trite and occasional gems of profound thought abound. Questions are certainly in the air during this time and I find myself being pulled into another year of hope. Some of the thoughts being thunk include;

~failure can make success more satisfying

~there is a big difference between being authentically different and being different for difference sake

~there is an eerie pattern to jump, purchase, partake in the majority of trends, fads, products, modes of thought that change today like a whirlwind and seemingly without pattern...the cleaning up, fixing (when possible), and undoing of such leaps are unravelling much potential progress.

~the power of wonder and dreams is truly be a hero is within each and every person

~the belief that bad things happen to good people. Often. For no reason. the belief that good will prevail.

~shedding a life aches.

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