Sunday, December 27, 2009


*Image of the gates at Halifax Public Gardens courtesy of Nova Scotia museum

I believe in Season's.

I believe in heirloom tea roses and tomatoes of old.
Bats soaring and thunderstorms,
I believe in the 5 cent lemonade stand and coconut oil.
I believe in crimson leaves and pumpkin pie.
Woollen sweaters and smoke scented air.
I believe in Santa Clause and the birth of a King,
In snow angels below and heavenly messengers above,
I believe in a season for all.

I believe in ‘once upon a time’, in magic beans and sometimes I even believe in happily ever after.
I believe in winged things, hoofed, horned, small and invisible things.
I believe in rainbows and leprechauns and sometimes all that glitters is gold.

I believe in words.

Small words, long words.
Ostentatious and onomonopia words.
Words that heal, entice, humour and leave us spellbound.
I believe in quiet words, whispered words, and wordless words.
I believe in words that matter-not natter.
Use your words.
Shout .
It’s your privilege
Your power
Your voice.

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