Sunday, July 10, 2011

Faerie Berries and Thoughtful Fill-Ins

*Fairy Berries the only question is will they work on a condo patio...

I haven't done Friday Fill-Ins in a long time.  Today is not Friday.  This week the format was different..."Where Are You From"  

I am from a cottage on a dirt road, patio lanterns, from Duncan Hines Princess cakes and Judy Blume.

I am from a home that grew a porch around a tree, shag rugs and golden drapes.
I am from the blackberry bushes, violets on the lawn and tart rhubarb dipped in white sugar,
the ever hopeful maple saplings, trillium forests, towering trees.

I am from Christmas Eve's that worked and a family that broke, from a Nana and Mama and Willison, Kirkpatrick, O'Neil, Esten and Wismer.
I am from the sad and creative.
From goldfish that become carp and "right things" without reward.
I am from a Christian home. A faith that that grew, stretched and evolved.
I'm from Canada, Kraft Dinner and scotch.
From the little girl raised by maids, the feisty farm girl who dashed to the city lights and the ones who isolate themselves literally and figuratively.  
I am from fancy silver sold for a dime, farmland scorned and fresh starts.

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