Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paper and Fabric Garlands...again

* orange moss like garland found here, confetti like garland found here and the fabulous Paper and Craft book I found mentioned here .
It's funny how sometimes things repeat themselves.  I have many moments of serendipity, deja vu...for the most part about the little things in life.  I've posted about my love of paper/fabric garlands before, talked about  making them, created small crafts for my students including Fiesta Flags incorporating them and yet I have never down it myself.  Is it because I abhor wasted paper/tree's? I could use any of the free magazines and such at my disposal.  Is it because I don't think the manly parts of my home would love it? I'm sure they would simply explain it away as creating by moi if asked, is it my past few months of holing up and healing have prevented me from creating and change...perhaps.  But as the universe is again pressing these images upon me and it's recently been commented on that our home holds very few touches of me, I think I will look for some templates and created a little something, perhaps just a simple Swedish like garland or too...  

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