Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 and Beyond

* Picture Unknown ~

The 2nd day of 2010 and I only have 30 points out of my goal of a hundred for my bucket list...but you know, I think that's o.k. I'm giving myself permission to slow it down and do it/life my first 30 in no particular order are;

1) Write a children’s book
2) Get my M.Ed papers
3) Create a four seasons urban garden (2010 goal)
4) Get involved in my community (2010 goal)
5) Get involved with the blogging community (2010 goal)
6) Saturate myself in the world of Assouline
7) Find a perfect wedding venue (2010 goal)
8) Re-do my tattoo
9) Have tea at the Berkeley Hotel, London
10) Go glamping via uncharted outposts
11) Buy a Brelli
12) Visit Salem, Massachusetts
13) Go on an African Photo Safari
14) Spend an overnight and mealtime at Giraffe Manor
15) See the Lighting of the NYC Christmas tree live
16) Visit Stonehenge and the worlds leylines
17) Visit The Louvre, Paris
8) Go to Savannah, Georgia (do the Ghost Tours)
19) Egypt via Atelier Travel (Golden Age style)
20) Let go of fear
21) Learn to dance
22) Learn to shoot a gun
23) Learn to make my own jewellery
24) Get published as a writer/copywriter
25) Own a cottage on the beach
26) Be authentically me and live it confidently
27) Embrace Fashion
28) Buy and wear way more dresses, fun, flirty and elegant ones
29) Experience New Orleans
30) Live more sustainably via DIY methods


Sara said...

Egypt :)

Amy said...

:) Well, I was in the airport ages ago and that alone was pretty cool!