Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Pointless Point

Over my second morning coffee I stumbled across an article on blogging. Not unusual as I can spend a day in the land of blogs, going from link to link finding amazing gems. To me blogs are a fabulous way to showcase the best in peoples minds. Sure they can be diary/journal like, but chances are, most people, when writing something that may be potentially viewed by the public, put a shine on their posts. More and more, especially in today's economy, I'm reading articles about how to blog professionally, for money, advertising, work, fame etc. While I have no problem with this, it's creative, entrepreneurial and ups the quality (read less nonsense ranting, text style writings and general wastes of space), I do wonder if these articles will intimidate some very real diamonds in the rough? Several of my fav. blogs have over time become more popular and ended up with a professional (hired) polish. I think it's important to remember that we all have a starting point, sometimes we won't veer far from there, othertimes we may end up worlds away. Either way, something of worth, be it a how to knit, bake or live like me site, will capture the attention and become a part of the reader regardless of it's ability to make money and/or blog 'the right way'.


Sara said...

I don't think I'll ever turn my blog into a profession if that makes sense. I do it for the fun of it. And I am VERY emotionally attached to my blog, my blogger friends and the environment as a whole. Thank you for the thought xx

Amy said...

Thanks, love your blog btw!