Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Distilling our lives

Well this is it, today we do the final walk through of what will be our new home...while I'm excited to be back to apartment living (the 'burbs were not me despite the fact that I loved our neighbours), my partner in not so hyped. Despite having a lovely bay window and balcony for our furry children, an extra bedroom (heaven while downsizing from a 'burb house) and a decent sized kitchen our new home is decidedly...dated. BUT, it is if nothing else, grandma chic and I for one look forward to bringing out the kitsch, the unique and perhaps finally creating a haven that is truly ours...One of the best sites I've found for this process (this image is from there as well) is . Because it truly is an art form to create a practical, interesting, livable work of art.

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